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Tiếng Việt


(24th-26th December - 2022)

A 3 day musical tour on wheels and water taking you on a journey to Thác Bà Lake, Yên Bái, with a collective of Hanoi's finest musicians and performers. 1 stunning location, 2 nights of performance, 90 tickets available.

Family Friendly - Pet Friendly - People Friendly


LaVieVuLinh Ecolodge presents in association with Rec Vietnam; the 3rd edition of the X-Mas Fiesta. A 3 day tour on wheels and water to Yên Bái province with a selected collective of some of the finest live artists and musicians from Hanoi’s underground scene.

The wheels of the X-Mas Fiesta will start rolling on the morning of December 24th.

La Vie Vu Linh Ecolodge will be private. Organic food will be provided by the local Dzao kitchen. The surroundings will invite exploration, peace, and lakeside chill. Both evenings and nights we have a full line up and performances. Daytime we provide options for local activities.

Great people, beautiful scenery, friendly vibe, quality live art and live music performances.

This year we are happy to introduce Hà Nội Community Radio and Life Drawing Society to the X-Mas Fiesta.

The X-Mas Fiesta is limited to 90 tickets only. Reach out to us in good time to make sure we can accommodate you.

Family Friendly - Pet Friendly - People Friendly


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